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After just TWO uses, the red spots were almost completely gone! 

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"Sometimes, You Have To Put A Fig On the Boil!"

Hezekiah's Illness and Recovery …6"I will add fifteen years to your life, and I will deliver you and this city from the hand of the king of Assyria; and I will defend this city for My own sake and for My servant David's sake."'" 7Then Isaiah said, "Take a cake of figs." And they took and laid it on the boil, and he recovered. 8Now Hezekiah said to Isaiah, "What will be the sign that the LORD will heal me, and that I shall go up to the house of the LORD the third day?"…

The above passage is found is 2 Kings Chapter 20. I have read this passage many times. This is the first time it has jumped out at me that God didn't just automatically heal Hezekiah. Why? Why not just a touch from the prophet and it is done? Spontaneous healings were not unique in the days of Yeshua and we were told that if we are truly His, we would be doing spontaneous healings as well. Have you? I haven't? Are we not His? No.....I do not believe that for a moment but what is going on?

Could it possibly be there is the potential for lack of spiritual growth if we do not have any "skin in the game"? Where is the growth through struggle? Where do we learn to lean in and depend so deeply on our Creator if all is handed to us on a silver platter? What if it was a Colloidal Silver platter??? Be sure to check out Lilly'sWebb sale on silver, sorry, back on track. My mother almost lost her life to a struggle stemming from Lyme disease. She prayed for healing and it came but not in the form most would prefer. It was many long years with diligent effort on her part. She has arrived on the other side not only with a tremendous amount of knowledge to now help others but her faith and walk with God is beyond anything it would have been had she been spontaneously delivered. It is truly a blessing to sit and see the fruit that has come from her scary and painful journey. We praise God for the many boils she endured and all the figs He provided.


I know many of you are suffering with various illnesses. Please know that our prayers are with you and your healing journey and your strength in Him on the other side. For those of you without boils......well, you can still "put a fig on your boil" through prevention. That is why we created Lilly'sWebb, to give you an affordable way to eliminate toxins we tend to drown ourselves in through our personal care products. We have many sales on going so be sure to check our page periodically.

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A little under a year ago our son, Ryan, started complaining of not hearing as well. When he was five, a Dr. told us he wasn't hearing well because of a tremendous amount of wax buildup (which apparently happens when you eat dairy and you are lactose intolerant). We cleansed the wax and he was hearing fine. So, when he started complaining again, six years later, we would tell him to clean his ears with peroxide. We didn't hear anymore complaining.  Fastforward about nine months and I find myself having to scream at him and listening to the television at deafening levels. At this point he said he could barely hear at all......all the peroxiding wasn't working. OK, I remain calm. I am a researcher and a believer you can fix anything!! Well, that was until my mother reminded me of an incident of hearing loss I had and the Dr said had we waited much longer it would have been permanent. What!!!! Panic struck this confident girl. I immediately rushed him to the emergent care. Not only were his ears crystal clear, but no signs of an infection. OK, shew.......that was a relief but what could be the problem? I had a sneaking suspicion the sinus med malav tov cocktail she suggested wasn't going to be the solution.....besides that is just a band aid. I want to know the cause!!  The next day I immedaitely called our Asyra lady and set him an appointment to get on this little machine gifted the human race from our loving Creator. If anyone or thing was going to give me an idea to the root cause, it was this test. Ryan gets on the machine and here we go......he has candida, a B12 deficiency that can cause fluid in the sinuses (who has ever heard of such), raging case of being lactose intolerant, leaky gut.........and many other things. Being a determined researcher of all things natural health for the past 20 years I was very familiar with all this. The Asyra machine was able to detect foods causing an allergic type reaction in his body. Now, we are all usually a host of bacterias so this doesn't ever freak me out and Ryan wasn't any different.  Armed with my Asyra results I was ready to create a plan of attack, in addition to the protocol the Asyra machine suggested,

which is usually all you need. Since this was his hearing we were playing with I was going to attack from all angles. I set an appt with an ENT who made us first do a hearing test. If this Asyra was going to be credible, which it always is, the hearing test would detect fluid behind his ears.............due to all the gut and candida and lactose and apparently lack of B12 issues. Bingo!! Fluid behind the ears. This was awesome because this was fixable!! Had it not been fluid behind the ears then this may not have been so easy.  Our next visit was with the ENT. I was told he would be quick to go to procedure, tubes. If you know me at all you know I do not do "procedures". Ok, if we break something there would be a need for procedure but I don't "procedure" to mask symptoms of a larger underlying issue. (Insert here that leaky gut, candida, lactose intolerance and lack of B12 only feel like minor inconveniences in the beggining but lead to much more debilitating diseases if left unchecked). I walk into the ENT's office armed with my protocol procedures I was going to sell him on. He walked in and gave me a college level crash course on the ear and ended it with "he needs tubes".

 My head was spinning!!! I thought how in the world am I going to pull this back around to my simple, change of diet and colloidal silver procedures?? OK, he did drop "allergies" in there so I went in off that topic since he brought it to the surface. I explained the Asyra results and my thoughts about cleaning up his diet, fixing his gut, using the colloidal silver etc. To my suprise, he seemed very pleased. Apparently, he too prefers to get to the root cause but explained that most his patient's parents do not have the patience :) We made a game plan to let me stay on the path I was since we had already started it and it was having minor success. If Ryan's hearing wasn't completely better in nine months, we would then revisit tubes.  We leave there and we do the Asyra protocol which consisted of the frequency driven homeopathic drops and a few supplements. I also had him obnoxiously squirting LillysWebb colloidal silver   up his nose and neti potting twice a day. We took all dairy, gluten and sugar out of his diet. He arose each morning and did some type of jumping exercise because we blue eyed people tend to have stagnant lymph systems and light jumping gets the juices flowing. I had him inhale the steam of Eucalyptus oil and Tea Tree oil once a day. It took almost two months but gradually the hearing returned. I will never forget the day it popped back to 100%.......he spent the next day throwing up. My thoughts.........he was harboring a bacteria in his sinuses that was causing fluid retention in his head. His body was too busy fighting the foods

he was putting in himself that it didn't have anything left to fight the bacteria (this is common to most people only it doesn't manifest itself in such an obvious way, it later turns to more serious problems like cancer). The combination of the Asyra protocol and colloidal silver, which usually is part of Asyra's protocol, pushed that bacteria down into the stomach and his body expelled it!! Hallelujah!!  This was four months ago. Ryan's hearing remains. He stays on a tighter diet, although not totally restrictive and he nurtures his immune system, we all do!!


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Jeremy drives long distances for his job. More days than not, he comes home with a banging headache. My poor husband can't do anything the rest of the day but nurse his headache. He will often take an OTC medication just to dull the pain but the pills never guarantee success. He tries to endure without the pills because of the harm these medications do to our internal organs. As a society, we are bombarded with all types of toxic chemicals; we do not need to add to our system's overload if it isn't absolutely necessary.
I do not tend to surrender to meds, so off I went thinking of a solution. I need my husband in working order when he gets home, plus I plan to keep him around for many years. Constantly popping pills isn't going to accomplish this goal. So......what?? Where do I start? Let me see........what could be causing this? Sitting? When we sit our systems tend to go stagnant and there starts a toxic buildup in our bodies. When we move, our systems move as well and those nasty toxins and buggies are easier flushed through our systems. Ok, we need to make sure he gets a nice workout in the morning.......lets get those juices flowing. Right?? Next morning comes and I test my hypothesis. My husband used to be a night owl but has adjusted to my inability to stay awake past nine. Regardless, he still is no morning bird. Since I am, I first try chirping little songs of awakening love into his ear........... EPIC FAIL. Nice girl approach is not working so out comes the shofar blasts. That did it!! I am not sure our relationship will recover but he is up, barely. When I ask what type of workout he would like I get the typical answer, "Whatever you pick will be fine". Alrighty then, Jessica Smith Zumba it is! Let me tell ya ladies, nothing more fun than watching your husband shimmy and shake at 5 am. I have to hand it to him, he is an amazing sport and motivated to not have headaches. So we are sweating, we are pumping and I am feeling the congestion of the night drain from my sinuses, so I figure this has to do the trick. Off he goes with a kiss and lots of aqua. I anxiously anticipate his arrival and am looking forward to a happier, healthier husband. He walks in with that look.....and it isn't jolly. HHHMMM, a stagnant system wasn't the problem.....not that getting it moving isn't a most excellent idea but it didn't resolve our problem. Down goes two advil, or Excedrin? I never know, that is out of my league.
Ok, as I am starting to order some milk thistle to rebuild his liver, I am stewing and stewing. Hey!! What about mold toxicity? Jeremy does suffer from allergies.
Soap Box Alert!!
Ok, a quick soapbox regarding "allergies". Allergies are more of a symptom to an underlying system defect issue. Knowing my husband for all these years I self diagnose him as an inefficient detoxer. Junk comes in and he is so daggone hospitable it doesn't want to leave easily. That's cool, he married me and I know who to jump start the body's immune defense system. Solve your underlying system defect and resolve your allergies.
Here comes hypothesis number two, mold in the venting system of the car. Mold can give the healthiest of people a slight migraine. When Jeremy and I got married he would get horrendous sinus infections, every year. Our first winter together and his first infection he went to the doctor. I get it, it is the American thing to do, right? He was given an antibiotic. I looked at him and insisted that not if but when that infection returned, let me give it a whack! Sure enough, not a month later it's back, uglier than before. A little bod-a-bing here and bod-a-bing there and a whole lot of colloidal silver that infection has yet to return. Hallelujah!! Not only did I get a well husband but I got a natural health believer. Immediately after, if Jeremy became aware of an ailment, silver was the answer. Ear infection, silver. Pink eye, silver. Strep throat, silver. Tick bite, silver.
My husband is a smart man and he knows the way to my happiness is to not spend money, or spend as little as possible. Jeremy (being the scientist he was meant to be) studied and invested in our own ability to make silver. We have barely seen the inside of a Dr's office since. I did take Ryan when he got a tick embedded in his neck. The Dr verified I had gotten all the tick out and her words as to help him from being plagued with any infections the tick may have had......."use your silver, it is one of the best things you can do". Why, thank you very much best pediatrician ever!!!!
Of course when thinking of his headaches, silver comes to mind but there has to be more. These are grueling headaches and need at least a two prong attack. What? What? What can be the next component? Ding! Ding! We created an "Air Fresh" for Lilly'sWebb consisting of our colloidal silver and essential oils! We have a blend specifically for cleansing the air.

We came up with a new plan of attack consisting of a nasal spray bottle of silver and the air fresh. Periodically on Jeremy's car ride he squirts the silver up in his sinuses and sprays the air vents with the air fresh. headache since!

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Years ago in college I read a book titled "Dress To Kill". This book was a study of a husband and wife anthropologist team who discovered that societies with minimal bra usage have lower rates of breast cancer. My common sense side got it. If you constrain an area of the body not allowing the lymphatic system to flow, you get a pool of toxins unable to flow out. Societies that wore bras for the longer part of the day had higher rates of breast cancer.

Years later I read that aluminum was found in the breast of breast cancer patients. The thought was women shave, open their skin and immediately put aluminum laden deodorant on the area. This application of a metal is able to absorb right into the breast area. Yikes. This too makes sense in my mind. Conspiracy thoughts abound.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a couple extremely respectable blogs talking about an armpit detox. Genius!!! I took some of LillysWebb detox clay and applied it to my armpits. Instead of putting toxins in that area of our body, lets draw them out!!



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I was 22 years old and just out of college. I met an owner of a herbal healing kind of shop a few years earlier and he said something that I couldn't get out of my mind. He said the medical industry will never find a cure for AIDS because it was too much of a money maker for the Drs, the pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, cure research associations etc. That made sense to me. I really started searching for alternatives at that point. This is truly an endless journey but each year I gain knowdlege......Back to the 22 year old, I contracted an upper respiratory infection. I went to the Dr and was prescribed antibiotics. I went back a couple months later with the same infection, more antibiotics. The next couple of months I was back and was given what was told the atomic bomb of antibiotics. Two months later it was back and I bounced into a little herb shop which had just opened. The lady gave me some herbs and did some funky muscle testing thingy and BOOM, I haven't had an upper respiratory infection in 18 years!!! Praise God and His herbs!!!

Fast forward many years and way more stories (other posts) later we sit here and we really can't even afford conventional medical care. I have always carried medical insurance because I do believe there is a proper time and place for its assistance. Whatever has happend all of a sudden the only way we can afford insurance is if we take a high deductible. Then insurance doesn't even pay for the whole bill. In a nutshell, my best defense in all this (because I often watch a semi serious medical need bankrupt then enslave a family to debt) is first prayer. God is our ultimate physician and He seems to make some bargains in His word. If you do this......I will do this. So we study hard to make sure we are fulfilling our end of the bargain then gently and humbly remind Him of His......all for His namesake, like Moses did in the wilderness. After prayer and thankfulness for all He does we then do our part as best as we can. One way (of many) is to detoxify, detoxify and detoxify........did I mention detoxify??? The best place to start is to not put any more toxins in or on our body than can be prevented........starting with our skin which is our biggest organ.