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Jeremy drives long distances for his job. More days than not, he comes home with a banging headache. My poor husband can't do anything the rest of the day but nurse his headache. He will often take an OTC medication just to dull the pain but the pills never guarantee success. He tries to endure without the pills because of the harm these medications do to our internal organs. As a society, we are bombarded with all types of toxic chemicals; we do not need to add to our system's overload if it isn't absolutely necessary.
I do not tend to surrender to meds, so off I went thinking of a solution. I need my husband in working order when he gets home, plus I plan to keep him around for many years. Constantly popping pills isn't going to accomplish this goal. So......what?? Where do I start? Let me see........what could be causing this? Sitting? When we sit our systems tend to go stagnant and there starts a toxic buildup in our bodies. When we move, our systems move as well and those nasty toxins and buggies are easier flushed through our systems. Ok, we need to make sure he gets a nice workout in the morning.......lets get those juices flowing. Right?? Next morning comes and I test my hypothesis. My husband used to be a night owl but has adjusted to my inability to stay awake past nine. Regardless, he still is no morning bird. Since I am, I first try chirping little songs of awakening love into his ear........... EPIC FAIL. Nice girl approach is not working so out comes the shofar blasts. That did it!! I am not sure our relationship will recover but he is up, barely. When I ask what type of workout he would like I get the typical answer, "Whatever you pick will be fine". Alrighty then, Jessica Smith Zumba it is! Let me tell ya ladies, nothing more fun than watching your husband shimmy and shake at 5 am. I have to hand it to him, he is an amazing sport and motivated to not have headaches. So we are sweating, we are pumping and I am feeling the congestion of the night drain from my sinuses, so I figure this has to do the trick. Off he goes with a kiss and lots of aqua. I anxiously anticipate his arrival and am looking forward to a happier, healthier husband. He walks in with that look.....and it isn't jolly. HHHMMM, a stagnant system wasn't the problem.....not that getting it moving isn't a most excellent idea but it didn't resolve our problem. Down goes two advil, or Excedrin? I never know, that is out of my league.
Ok, as I am starting to order some milk thistle to rebuild his liver, I am stewing and stewing. Hey!! What about mold toxicity? Jeremy does suffer from allergies.
Soap Box Alert!!
Ok, a quick soapbox regarding "allergies". Allergies are more of a symptom to an underlying system defect issue. Knowing my husband for all these years I self diagnose him as an inefficient detoxer. Junk comes in and he is so daggone hospitable it doesn't want to leave easily. That's cool, he married me and I know who to jump start the body's immune defense system. Solve your underlying system defect and resolve your allergies.
Here comes hypothesis number two, mold in the venting system of the car. Mold can give the healthiest of people a slight migraine. When Jeremy and I got married he would get horrendous sinus infections, every year. Our first winter together and his first infection he went to the doctor. I get it, it is the American thing to do, right? He was given an antibiotic. I looked at him and insisted that not if but when that infection returned, let me give it a whack! Sure enough, not a month later it's back, uglier than before. A little bod-a-bing here and bod-a-bing there and a whole lot of colloidal silver that infection has yet to return. Hallelujah!! Not only did I get a well husband but I got a natural health believer. Immediately after, if Jeremy became aware of an ailment, silver was the answer. Ear infection, silver. Pink eye, silver. Strep throat, silver. Tick bite, silver.
My husband is a smart man and he knows the way to my happiness is to not spend money, or spend as little as possible. Jeremy (being the scientist he was meant to be) studied and invested in our own ability to make silver. We have barely seen the inside of a Dr's office since. I did take Ryan when he got a tick embedded in his neck. The Dr verified I had gotten all the tick out and her words as to help him from being plagued with any infections the tick may have had......."use your silver, it is one of the best things you can do". Why, thank you very much best pediatrician ever!!!!
Of course when thinking of his headaches, silver comes to mind but there has to be more. These are grueling headaches and need at least a two prong attack. What? What? What can be the next component? Ding! Ding! We created an "Air Fresh" for Lilly'sWebb consisting of our colloidal silver and essential oils! We have a blend specifically for cleansing the air.

We came up with a new plan of attack consisting of a nasal spray bottle of silver and the air fresh. Periodically on Jeremy's car ride he squirts the silver up in his sinuses and sprays the air vents with the air fresh. headache since!