Detoxing is for the Pits!!! Posted on 20 Oct 11:09 , 1 comment

Years ago in college I read a book titled "Dress To Kill". This book was a study of a husband and wife anthropologist team who discovered that societies with minimal bra usage have lower rates of breast cancer. My common sense side got it. If you constrain an area of the body not allowing the lymphatic system to flow, you get a pool of toxins unable to flow out. Societies that wore bras for the longer part of the day had higher rates of breast cancer.

Years later I read that aluminum was found in the breast of breast cancer patients. The thought was women shave, open their skin and immediately put aluminum laden deodorant on the area. This application of a metal is able to absorb right into the breast area. Yikes. This too makes sense in my mind. Conspiracy thoughts abound.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a couple extremely respectable blogs talking about an armpit detox. Genius!!! I took some of LillysWebb detox clay and applied it to my armpits. Instead of putting toxins in that area of our body, lets draw them out!!