How we got here!

As a family through our faith in The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, have created these natural products for originally for ourselves. We give our Creator and His Messiah all glory for all we have including our health. We Live in Rural Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. God placed us here for many reasons and to make these products has been one of them. We are a grass roots company that started by helping friends and family with natural remedies to obtain a healthier lifestyle by eliminating all the chemicals with which we are inundated. Years ago I (Melissa) discovered when we stick with God's ways we tend to fair better. His ways do not include preservatives and chemical compounds that overwhelm our bodies. We are swimming in toxins in all aspects of life, so the key to health is detoxifying. What we choose to put in and on our bodies is completely within our control. This all made sense to my science minded husband and his artsy side has enjoyed creating products that make us feel alive.  The name is a blend of our children's middle names. Jeremy came up with the name and I found it to be very groovy.

Our online shop is new, so welcome. We have in the past relied on word of mouth and local herb and wellness shops. Now we have branched out by the blessing of God.

We continue to be a family based team and that family includes our family of faith. We look forward to growing with all of you.