Lilly's Body Butter

$ 8.00

Lilly's Body Butter makes your dryness melt away in silky smooth naturalness. Our butter has all ingredients that you can pronounce and does not have any chemical that you can't pronounce. Full of Shea butter or Cocoa Butter and Jojoba, Argan, Palm, Coconut, Babbassu oils, and vitamin E. Your skin will stay moisturized in the harshest of conditions with this butter. Remember a little goes a long way and its all natural and doesn't have any fake preservatives. This product has colloidal silver enhancing its benefits. It was reported in our testing to clear body acne. Lillywebb's Body Butter will truly leave you screaming....BUTTER!! Oh, and yes, a little goes a long way but rubbing this in your skin is a bit addictive so beware.